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Maximum energy savings together with high quality power for your data center? Now it’s true with Borri UPSaver®: the modular UPS for large data centers.

UPSaver® is a complete, very high efficiency, multi-function and fully adaptable power protection system for your mission critical application. The flexibility of the system is achieved by using power modules, which can configure a wide range of modular systems.

From Uninterruptible Power Supply to Uninterruptible Power Saver: a permanent saving system continuously monitoring the mains to guarantee high quality power to your data center equipment at minimum energy usage.

  • Efficiency up to 99.5%
  • Modular and scalable up to 12.8 MW
  • Hot system power growth
  • Minimum maintenance needs
  • Whatever your mission critical application is we provide you the right system
  • 4 level modularity for maximum flexibility
    Its modular design allows easy system resizing by simply adding power modules. Maintenance operations can be done without powering down the system and without switching to bypass line.
  • Continuous savings
    Maximum efficiency in all modes of operation: 96% in double conversion mode, thanks to patented Green Conversion technology, 97% in active filtering mode*, 98% in ECO mode and 99.5% in UHE mode*. With Load Based Shutdown control unnecessary modules are switched off to further enhance system efficiency.
    *conditions apply
  • Low environmental footprint
    UPSaver® can feed at maximum efficiency any load up to unit power factor and its transformer-free design makes it lighter and more compact for a higher environmental sustainability.
  • 4 UPS in one for maximum versatility
    UPSaver® can operate in all International Electrotechnical Commission classified modes of operation: double conversion (VFI), active filtering (VI), ECO mode (VFD) and Ultra High Efficiency (VFD).
  • Low maintenance cost
    Green Conversion Battery Care saves battery life, by mitigating the major root causes of battery ageing, such as ripple current and floating charge micro currents. UHE mode of operation dramatically increases the duration of wearing components.
  • Maximum safety
    UPSaver® comes with both detection circuitry and input terminal disconnection contactor for maximum operator safety.
  • UPSaver® is based on 200 kW unit modules and an I/O module for cable connection, system bypass and user interface. Unit modules have removable sub-modules for easy maintenance and low MTTR.
  • Configuration options include N+R redundancy, distributed and centralized static bypass, distributed and centralized battery.
  • The I/O module is designed to allow unit modules hot connection and disconnection without switching to bypass line.
  • Users can set any of its 4 modes of operation according to mains conditions, to provide critical loads with high quality power at the highest efficiency.
  • Unit input power factor, input THDi <3%, programmable soft start and hold-off features make UPSaver® your Genset’s best friend.