Uptimax batteries are at the heart of power backup systems throughout the oil and gas exploration and production, utility and manufacturing industries. If main power is lost, Uptimax ensures the continuity of mission-critical loads, facilitates safe shutdown processes, bridges to standby power and safeguards computer data. Typical power backup applications include UPS, substation switchgears, process control systems, emergency lighting, fire alarms and security systems.

Uptimax Ni-Cd battery: maintenance-free solution for backup power applications

Uptimax is Saft’s latest nickel pocket plate battery technology. It combines maintenance-free* operation with total reliability for industrial installations. Key features include its low-pressure flame arresting vent, improved electrical performance and enhanced chargeability, and over its lifetime Uptimax has a low TCO (total cost of ownership).

* The term maintenance-free means that no addition of water is necessary during the life time of the product when operating under Saft’s recommended conditions.

Features & Benefits
  • Fast-charging with a narrow voltage window for minimal down-time and maximum availability
  • Long operational life of over 20 years at + 25°C
  • Outstanding performance in temperatures up to + 40°C and tolerates – 40°C to + 70°C for short duration
  • Can be stored filled with electrolyte and charged for up to two years
  • Very efficient gas recombination, with very low gas emission, well in excess of the requirements of IEC 62259
Technical Specifications
UP1 L energy range (L type)
  • Capacity range: 15 Ah to 1700 Ah (C5 rate)
  • Range of 34 cells
  • For low-rate discharges over long periods between one and 100 hours
UP1 M medium power range (M type)
  • Capacity range: 8 Ah to 1330 Ah (C5 rate)
  • Range of 38 cells
  • For varied loads with low and high discharge rates, between 30 minutes and three hours